How is DonationPay Different?

What’s more painful – losing donors in the process, or paying too much for the service that’s costing you money?

DonationPay is built to help nonprofits of all sizes avoid the common mistakes that cost organizations 25% or more in online revenues they can’t afford to lose. Our comprehensive Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform provides a seamless experience for donors on customized web pages that are hand-built to match your website and maximize conversion rates and gift amounts. By combining payment gateway, fundraising software, and web development, DonationPay is able to provide an industry-leading platform and ongoing support to enhance your unique way of engaging donors online with predictable costs as low as $15 per month. Learn more about how DonationPay differs from other industry offerings below.


Even for large organizations using one of Blackbaud’s databases, DonationPay is often able to achieve more customized pages at a lower cost. Blackbaud is primarily a CRM (constituent relationship manager) with online fundraising elements called NetCommunity Spark or Gro; DonationPay is 100% focused on achieving custom-tailored online fundraising solutions for nonprofits of all sizes. DonationPay offers API integrations for CRM’s like NetSuite, Salesforce, Pardot, CiviCRM, and others and you can export a .CSV file of your data from your DonationPay client portal at any time and import it to Raiser’s Edge or eTapestry. Blackbaud offers different fundraising databases and payment systems, as well as a number of tools for tracking grants, sending email, monitoring social media, managing campaigns, etc. that can connect to these various databases. Blackbaud is designed for large development projects and sold in multi-year contracts that cost many tens of thousands of dollars, often requiring a dedicated staff member or consultant to be properly implemented and managed.

Network for Good

DonationPay gives you infinitely more control over your pages and the money that flows through them. Network for Good is actually a “Donor-Advised Fund.” They receive donations into their account, collect interest on the funds given to their clients, and redistribute those funds by check in 4-6 weeks. It can be a decent entry-level service, but the delayed cashflow is not ideal for smaller organizations, while the lack of a dedicated merchant account is often an issue for more established organizations. Nonprofits of any size will also notice a big difference in pricing structure. Under Network for Good’s ‘pay-to-play’ contract, you pay extra for customization, additional pages, immediate customer service, and features like event ticketing. DonationPay gives you a full-service merchant account and builds custom pages to match your website and support your giving types. You control the funds, donor data, and every aspect of how the pages look and function. Lower costs, better user experience, and support you can count on without paying more for.


PayPal is a payment gateway, not a fundraising system, and the ‘little gold button’ just isn’t what it used to be. It’s nice for sending a friend money for those concert tickets, but it’s not a tool that nonprofits should rely on for any serious fundraising work. If you can afford PayPal Pro, and also about 10x what you’d pay for a year of DonationPay, a developer could build your organization a custom solution, but it would still lack many nonprofit-specific features and requiring ongoing support at $100+/hr. PayPal used to be widely-accepted as the only trusted payment system, but confidence in secure internet transactions has grown and the ‘little gold button’ is no longer a must-have. Generic, white, unbranded pages with no suggested giving levels that make donors think they need to sign up for an account are not a good value, at any price, if you plan to raise more than $5000 online this year, or want to accept recurring donations.


Are you facing a shut-down deadline and in need of a smooth transition to avoid costly downtime? Call us, we can help. DonationPay is a comprehensive service that processes payments in addition to building pages and hosting them on our secure server. WePay will stop supporting hosted pages beginning in April 2014, and will only serve as a payment gateway like or PayPal. If WePay is giving you the boot, our team can get you setup in 5 business days with an even more comprehensive service than you’ve come to expect.

Click & Pledge

Click & Pledge is geared towards event-based fundraising strategies, with modules for mobile swipe, event management, social fundraising, and Salesforce integration similar to what DonationPay offers. You’ll have to build the pages yourself from templates, so they can be lightly-branded but not customized. Costs are fairly reasonable, and Click & Pledge can be a good option if most of your fundraising happens at events, you like to be hands-on with forms, and you run Salesforce. Like StayClassy, Click & Pledge is a better tool for crowd- and event-based fundraising than for year-round campaigns, memberships, annual funds, online stores, end-of-year giving, or most of the regular giving types that nonprofits rely on.


We give you more than twice the level of customization and support at less than half the price. On StayClassy’s cheaper $99/mo plan, you pay a hefty 5.2% in processing fees. To get a rate of 3.2%, you have to pay $6000 up front for the year. There are better CRMs, and there are cheaper payment processors, and there are better, cheaper combinations of the two. Like Click & Pledge, StayClassy is a better tool for crowd- and event-based fundraising than for year-round campaigns, memberships, annual funds, online stores, end-of-year giving, or most of the regular giving types that nonprofits rely on.


JustGive is another Donor-Advised Fund, like the better-known Network for Good. Pages have light or no branding, you’ll wait 4-6 weeks to receive funds, and you have minimal control over the pages or your donor info.

Indiegogo and Kickstarter

Services like Kickstarter and Indiegogo are good fundraising platforms for individuals who are launching projects, business, or donation campaigns to particular causes, but they aren’t built for nonprofit use. They typically charge a very steep processing fee of 9% to 12% (about 3x competitive rates), and can’t be customized or adapted well for other more common giving types. If you’re looking for a Peer-To-Peer fundraising solution, DonationPay has one that’s completely integrated with our regular monthly service, includes all our other features, and processes transactions at the same low, flat rate.


NetSuite is one of the CRMs that DonationPay integrates with very easily. In fact, we give users the highest level of integration and support available for online giving. Unlike Salesforce, NetSuite offers free, hands-on support for data migration and database implementation to nonprofits with under $5M/yr in revenue. We are proud to be a NetSuite partner and welcome your questions – whether you’re an existing client, or still weighing your CRM and online donation options.


DonationPay works great with Salesforce, which is a robust full-service CRM available to nonprofits at no cost for up to 10 users. When donors make gifts online, a record of the contribution is created and either added to an existing donor Contact in your Saleforce database, or to a new Contact and Account that is created for new donors.

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